Take your handstand practice to another level

Handstand Workshop with Yuval

11. – 12. November 2023

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Handstand Workshop

Are you ready to defy gravity and embark on an exhilarating journey of strength, balance, and personal achievement? Handstand Workshop with Yuval is your gateway to the exciting world of hand balancing. Led by an expert handstand coach Yuval, handtand workshop will empower you with the skills and confidence to conquer the art of the handstand. From mastering the fundamentals to exploring advanced techniques.

Beginner’s Workshop

In the beginner’s workshop, the focus is on strong foundation and essential tools to elevate your handstand journey with safety and effectiveness.

Key areas of focus include: comprehensive physical, technical, and mental preparation for handstands, precise handstand alignment, effective balance strategies, spotting techniques, structured programming, and much more.

11. – 12. November, 10-13

140 EUR

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Advanced Workshop

The advanced handstand workshop is intended for people who have already spent a considerable amount of time practicing handstands and can hold a solid handstand for at least 30-60 seconds.

During this workshop, we delve into advanced subjects such as perfecting handstand alignment across various positions, mastering handstand presses and mounts, one-arm handstands, and more.

11. – 12. November, 14-17

160 EUR

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Beginner’s and Advanced Workshop

Join both beginner’s and advanced workshop to improve your handstand foundation as well as advance in your handstand alignement in various positions or one-arm handstands.

11. – 12. November, 10-13 and 14-17

270 EUR

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Following the teaching of the late, legendary handstand artist and teacher Claude Victoria.

Yuval Ayalon

Yuval has 8 years of experience as a handstand practitioner and teacher with the backgroud of 20 years as an international and collegiate gymnast. As an experienced hand balancer he shares what he has learned throughout his life in handstand workshops.

Practical details:

Thorøs Gym, Lyngvej 3, 9000 Aalborg
Beginner’s workshop

  • 11. – 12. November, 10-13

Advanced Workshop

  • 11. – 12. November, 14-17